Sunil Dharod Net Worth

May 16, 2023

Sunil dharod net worth is one of the great inspirational stories that prove how much can be achieved through hard work and determination. Sunil and his brother Harshad are businessmen who run a huge chain of restaurants in the United States along with several apartments. Their story is a true rag to riches tale that serves as inspiration to anyone with dreams and goals.

Sunil’s mother raised him and his younger brother on her own after their father passed away when they were quite young. With the main breadwinner gone, it was difficult for them to make ends meet and they often struggled. In order to survive, the brothers would go door to door selling milk after catching the train to collect eight bottles.

When Sunil was 21, he used the money he earned from his job as a mechanic to buy his first Jack-in-the-Box in Los Angeles. Within a few years, he had grown his business to 19 locations. Then, he bought more Burger King franchises and even owned 11 Blockbuster locations before consumers started turning toward streaming services instead of visiting brick-and-mortar video stores.

Today, Sunil’s family company SSCP Management oversees more than 70 Applebee’s and 47 Sonic Drive-In’s as well as five Roy’s Hawaiian fusion cuisine restaurants. He credits his success to his mother who taught him and his brother the value of hard work. In addition to his business ventures, Sunil also contributes to the community through his Puja Foundation which provides financial support to Applebee’s employees in times of need.


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