Stoned Soul Picnic Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

Stoned Soul Picnic Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of the song "Stoned Soul Picnic" by Laura Nyro in 1968 were sometimes open to interpretation. One of the most enigmatic was the word “surry.” It appeared several times in the song and was a verb that Nyro used frequently. The word could mean something like “Let’s hurry on a train of thought,” but some people also thought it meant a drug related thing, like pot or marijuana. The song has been covered by many bands, most notably the Fifth Dimension.

Laura Nyro was a talented songwriter who wrote a lot of songs that are still being performed today, including "Eli's Coming," "Blowin' Away," and "Wedding Bell Blues". She died of ovarian cancer at the young age of 49 in 1996. She is remembered for her mystical, bucolic imagery and her deep appreciation of earthly pleasures. Her music lives on and will continue to influence generations of musicians for years to come.


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