Sticky Lyrics Meaning From Drake's New Single "Sticky"

November 18, 2023

Music is a universal form of expression that enables artists to articulate their innermost feelings, experiences, and reactions to societal events. Artists such as Drake, the emblem of modern-day rap, are known to use their craft to create pieces that mirror their own lives through the intricate weave of melodies and rhythms. The rapper’s latest creation, “Sticky,” from his upcoming album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’, is no exception. It is a reflective journey that showcases Drake’s growth as an artist, his personal struggles, and his journey through new musical territories.

This song carries a lot of meaning, and it is important to take note of all the words Drake spits during this track. Whether you are in a relationship or not, these lyrics will resonate with you.

A lyric about loving someone

Drake is talking about his loyalty in love, and how he won’t give up on the person who deserves it. This is a sweet sentiment, and one you should share with the special lady in your life.

A lyric about being the best

Drake affirms that he is the best at whatever he does, and that he is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). This is a bold statement, and it serves as a great motivator for those looking to achieve success.

Drake is talking about being tired of gold-diggers in his relationship, and he’s ready for something genuine. If you are also on the hunt for a good partner, then throw this lyric at them and see how they react.


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