St Monica Quotes

March 13, 2023

st monica quotes

St monica quotes

She is a saint who is known to the Christian world for her tenacious prayer and perseverance in seeking conversion. She is the mother of Augustine, one of the most influential converts to Christianity and a major figure in the development of theology.

During her life Monica faced numerous trials. Her marriage to Patricius, a pagan, was a cross for her. She had to deal with a harsh, resentful husband and a bitter, uncharitable mother-in-law who lived in her home. She was able to overcome these difficulties through patient cheerfulness and her pious conduct.

The eldest of her three sons, Augustine, was a wayward youth and caused her the most pain. He went astray from the Church, he kept bad company and immersed himself in a sinful lifestyle. He chose a doctrine different from the Catholic faith and even left his mother.

After a long time of intense prayer, she managed to bring Augustine back to the Church. She was deeply grieved that he had abandoned the Catholic faith, but she continued to pray for his conversion and her prayers finally led to the full flowering of his faith.

Her devoted motherly love and her example as a Christian woman are often remembered today. Her story is a model for women in every age to be resilient and to persevere in their prayer lives, whether it is for themselves or for someone else. In addition, she is a patron saint for widows as a reminder that they can be a source of strength and joy for their spouses.


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