Songs About Evil - The Meaning of Evil in Music

February 13, 2023

evil angel breaking benjamin lyrics meaning

Evil is a popular theme in music, and it can be used to explore a wide range of themes, including personal struggles, the darker side of human nature, and societal issues. It has also been used to describe the occult and the supernatural.

One of the best songs about evil is a track from Black Sabbath called "Evil Woman." The song discusses a women who lures men into her trap. The lyrics describe her as a "enbodiment of evil" who is only interested in harming and taking advantage of people.

Breaking a Cycle

Another song from the band, “Angel’s Fall,” describes how a person can feel when they realize that they have been part of a cycle in their family or relationship. It shows how difficult it can be to break this cycle and find a new way to live.

Unrequited Love

A breakup can be a messy, painful affair. It can bring on heartache, rage, and fear. It can even lead to suicide if you don’t think things through. It can be tough to get through a breakup without having any support from others.

Despite this, there are many songs that can help you through the pain. Here are a few:

The lyrics of this song are extremely heartbreaking. The singer is talking about his unrequited love for a woman who has already chosen to spend her life with someone else. The song is an honest and heartbreaking look at how hard it can be to get over a relationship. It is a powerful song that any hard rock fan will appreciate.


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