So Close Yet So Far Away Meaning

March 8, 2023

so close yet so far away meaning

If you are wondering what the meaning of so close yet so far away is, it refers to being close to something but not quite reaching it. It could be something that you are trying to accomplish or a person that you love.

The idea of being so close but not quite reaching something can be very painful. It can be like being on the other side of a wall that is just 1 meter wide, or a river that is 10 meters wide but the nearest bridge is 10 kilometers away. Or it could be something as simple as an apple on a tree that you can't reach.

So close yet so far can also mean that you are near to someone but not really feeling the same way about them. This is often a very painful situation as it shows that you are not getting the same feelings from the other person that you had before.

The phrase so close yet so far is a very common saying that many people use to describe being just a little bit closer to something than they really want it to be. It can be very heartbreaking as it shows that you are not getting the things that you want from a person or that you are not achieving what you set out to achieve. It is very similar to the saying 'close, but no cigar' which is used to describe being almost successful but not getting what you wanted.


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