Skinny Love Lyrics Meaning

August 26, 2023

Skinny Love, the evocatively melancholy song by Bon Iver, has captivated audiences all over the world. The introspective lyrics and haunting melody are a testament to the band's emotional depth and vulnerability.

The song depicts two people in a deteriorating relationship. The narrator can see that their time together is coming to an end and asks for patience and kindness from his lover. The lyrics of the song evoke feelings of sadness, resignation, and sorrow.

In the second verse, the narrator asks his lover to hold on a little longer. He says, "Come on skinny love, what happened here?" It seems like he is asking his partner to be patient and wait for things to get better. It could also be that he doesn't understand how the relationship got to this point and is wondering what went wrong.

The narrator also reminds his lover that she'll have to pay the fines, which refers to their mistakes and misguided choices. This is a reference to the fact that they didn't take the time to correct their mistakes and instead chose to continue their toxic relationship.

The song was a hit on its release and has since become a classic. It was covered by many artists, including singer-songwriter Birdy. Her version of the song was released in 2011 and is featured on her first album, Birdy. It was her version of the song that took the song to a new level of popularity. Birdy's plaintive vocals and piano-led arrangement were perfect for the acoustic version of the song. She was only 14 years old at the time of the release and her rendition of the song has become a staple in the music industry.


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