Sixteen-Year-Old Tay'Shawn Mitchell Has Cerebral Palsy

September 7, 2023

Sixteen-year-old Tay'Shawn Mitchell loves to play basketball, dance and spend time with his family. But he's also living with cerebral palsy, a condition that affects muscle tone, posture and balance, and can lead to bone deformity over time.

He crawled until he was 4, then walked with braces and a walker. Over the years, he's had so many surgeries to improve his mobility that he doesn't even remember them all. As he got older, his condition worsened to the point where he couldn't get in or out of bed on his own and his mother had to lift him multiple times throughout the day.

The teen is now in a wheelchair. But he is not defeated. He still goes to church, has a beautiful relationship with Marissa Vega, the waitress at his restaurant where he works part-time and he's doing well in high school.

His mom says the students who swiped her son's motorized wheelchair during a sick prank should pay for their actions. She wants them to "walk a day in his shoes" to see what it's like to live with cerebral palsy.

After a nine-month recovery, doctors say Tay'Shawn is walking again. They cut and relocated his thigh bones to bring his knees into a better position to give him more mechanical advantage for his leg muscles. But he'll likely need more surgery in the future. He has a leg length discrepancy that will require addressing and his hips might need to be fixed as well.


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