Simone Torres - Where is She Now?

November 11, 2023

Simone Torres is a Berklee College of Music graduate with a deft touch in the studio. As an accomplished vocalist, she understands how stressful it can be to put your most vulnerable self on the line and she has a unique talent for making singers feel uninhibited so that they can truly unleash their voices on the mic.

Simone is Greenlee Smythe’s maid of honor at her wedding to Leo du Pres. She has a secret she is hiding from Greenlee: she’s having an affair with Roger, the father of her step son, Jamie Martin. He is killed on Greenlee and Leo’s wedding day, leaving Simone devastated.

At FUSION, Simone is promoted to marketing director. She is known for her hard-hitting tactics, which sometimes land her in hot water with the law. She helped crack a drug ring led by Mateo Santos. Tempo magazine editor Edmund Grey hired her to be a go between him and Mateo, but really she was posing as his mistress. She got very close to him and developed real feelings for him.

When Ryan Lavery died in an explosion at the Mardi Gras ball, Simone blamed him and his ex-wife, Liza, for the death. She even took over their FUSION shares, angering Babe Chandler and Kendall Hart. She later learns that Zach Slater, the father of Ethan Lavery, was also responsible for the blast. Despite her heartbreak, she finds a new life in Pine Valley with her FUSION colleague Tad Martin. He tries to tell her he doesn’t feel the same way, but she persists.


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