Shakira's New Single "Don't Wait Up"

January 8, 2023

Shakira has released a new single, "Don't Wait Up." The song is her first all-English track since 2016, and it comes off her upcoming 12th studio album, El Dorado. It also comes with a music video that was filmed in Tenerife, Spain, in June of 2021.

The new track is available on Shakira's website, and it was previously announced that a music video would be released. She also posted a 30-second video to Twitter with the title and lyrics of the song, and it quickly went viral. This is the singer's fourth single in two years, and it is scheduled to be released on July 16 of next year.

Before releasing "Don't Wait Up," Shakira spent two months preparing. She had to rehearse in the studio, and she wrote the song with Emily Warren, Ian Kirkpatrick, and Jonathon Rex. The video was directed by Warren Fu.

When she released the first English track, she said she was nervous. However, she hasn't expressed any interest in dating other men, and she says she isn't interested in leaving her boyfriend. Instead, she's looking forward to a night out without him.

The Spanish singer has been in a high-profile relationship with Gerard Pique for over a decade. Last weekend, they announced they were splitting. In the meantime, Shakira's fans are anticipating the release of her new single.

Her new single will be released on July 16, and she's also planning to tour with Enrique Iglesias and Maluma.


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