Sex With a Ghost Song Meaning

August 25, 2023

While it's not the most raunchy song on this list, "Like A Virgin" certainly has a sexy nature. Featuring a smooth rhythm, the song sees the narrator brag about his sexual prowess and many experiences. The sexy lyrics are enough to seduce any woman, especially given the slick production and vocals.

Released in 2019, the song is a b-side from the band's third EP, Seven Inches of Satanic Panic. The song has seen the band's profile rise as it became a hit on TikTok. Mastodon frontman Brann Dailor has credited the platform for amplifying the track and introducing new listeners to Ghost's music.

The song is ostensibly a love song, but the lyrics reveal other double meanings. Firstly, the phrase "Mary on a cross" is used to allude to oral sex. It is also used to indicate blasphemy. Alternatively, the chorus could be read as a reference to marijuana. The repeated line "going down" could be interpreted as referring to a weed joint or a cross joint.

Another popular song that explores the sexy side of a relationship is Thundercat's "Friend Zone." Released on Valentine's Day, the song wallows in the friend zone and explains that he'd rather have booty calls than lover drama. This sexy song features a groovy bassline, a soothing rhythm and soulful vocals that are sure to elicit an orgasm from any female listener. If you want to take your sexy playlist to the next level, check out Planet Booty's "Take Off Your Pants." The song is a command, a demand and is accompanied by a bouncy brass section that will have you dancing in no time.


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