Selena Gomez's "Bad Liar" Video Meaning

March 8, 2023

selena gomez bad liar video meaning

The lyrics to Selena Gomez's new video, "Bad Liar," have been interpreted by a lot of people as a break-up song, but that wasn't what the song actually meant. It's a song about catching feelings for a new person, and it draws on the Greek story of Prince Paris' love for Helen of Troy.

The music to the song is a mid-tempo pop rock tune, written by Gomez and her co-writers Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels, who also worked on her 2015 LP Revival. It is produced by Ian Kirkpatrick, who was responsible for the production on her previous song, "It Ain't Me."

Gomez plays a high school student who feels out of place in her class and daydreams about a crush. The '70s-style video was directed by Lemonheads co-founder Jesse Peretz and is full of retro inspo.

In the first scene, Gomez rides her bike through a mountainous background while earning mean looks from other students. Then she enters her chemistry class and looks out the window, glancing at a flirtatious exchange between her mom (played by Gomez) and the mustached school principal.

Eventually, the student and her father come home for dinner, where they have an awkward conversation about their affair. The student then retreats to her room, where she finally admits that she's crushing on the gym teacher, who is also portrayed by Gomez.

The video ends with the teenager looking at a photo of the gym teacher smiling, revealing that she has feelings for her. It's a fun video to watch, and it also features some serious acting chops for the 24-year-old. It's a reminder of how much Gomez can do in the studio.


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