Seether - Let You Down Meaning

March 8, 2023

seether let you down meaning

SEETHER (Shaun Morgan - vocals/guitar, Dale Stewart - bass/vocals, John Humphrey - drums) are not your bog-standard riff-mongers. This multiplatinum rock anthem machine has crafted a devoted fan base around a sense of purpose and commitment that has seen them amass four platinum records, fifteen number one singles and over 600 million YouTube views to date.

Shaun Morgan is the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for this iconic band that has a flair for vivid imagery, with a dash of self-deprecating humor on full display. Having recently lost his brother, and later suffering the loss of a close friend through suicide, he’s poured his experience into their seventh album Poison the Parish.

“It’s important for us to be honest and vulnerable because that’s how we heal,” says Morgan. The album is an emotional journey that he hopes will inspire his fans to find their own way through the depths of their emotions.

The first track off the new album is called “Let You Down”, which is a sludgy tune that evokes some of the grimms’ fairy tales. The music video features Shawn Morgan in a casket, creepy clown figures and lots of cool imagery to suck you into the song.

It’s hard to find anything bad about this song and it’s easily my favourite opener on the album. It has the right amount of energy and a good second verse that adds something to it.

In my opinion, Seether took a step in the right direction with their fourth studio album Karma and Effect. This time, they allowed themselves more creative freedom in terms of guitar parts. Pat Callahan was added to the lineup and they were able to make the album much heavier and dynamic than their previous records.


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