Scorpion's March 14 Meaning

March 7, 2023

drake march 14 meaning

A few weeks ago, Drake released Scorpion, his sixth studio album. The record became one of the most successful in his career and made him the Billboard Artist of the Decade.

The album’s title track, “March 14,” was named after the date that Drizzy found out he was going to be a father. Throughout the album, Drizzy lays out his rocky relationship with his alleged baby mother Sophie Brussaux and their hopes for a good co-parenting agreement.

While the song is an uplifting one, it also has some scathing lyrics. The rapper essentially berates his haters and boasts about how much money he makes.

It also talks about how he can’t take a joke anymore because his haters are constantly trying to take him down.

On the song, Drizzy is also able to share his most vulnerable sentiments and reveal what it feels like to be an isolated person. It’s clear that Drake is finally ready to accept his son and let his fans know how he feels about him.

This is a really important step for the Toronto-born rapper, as he hasn’t talked about him in his music since “Fear” and “The Calm.”

The rapper titled this song based on the day that he found out he was going to be able to have a child. He also named it after the day he met with Kanye West in Wyoming and made his debut appearance on “Ye” as part of a special performance.


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