Save Your Tears Lyrics - Ariana Grande And The Weeknd

March 8, 2023

save your tears ariana grande lyrics meaning

Save Your Tears Lyrics - Ariana Grande And The Weeknd

Ariana Grande and The Weeknd have a knack for creating love songs that are both sultry and sensual. Their latest collaboration, "Save Your Tears" (remix) is no exception.

The song is a bouncy, upbeat version of the eerie '80s-style breakup anthem. The lyrics tell a story of heartbreak, regret and a desire to save your tears for someone else.

Abel Tesfaye originally released the song on his 2020 album, After Hours, but he recently unveiled a new version with Grande. The collaboration made it to number one on the Billboard Hot 100, marking the sixth time a duet from the two artists has reached the top.

Save Your Tears Remix - Music Video

The video for the new remix features an animated version of both the Weeknd and Grande. The video begins with an illustrated Weeknd building a robotic Grande in a factory, and it's the perfect complement to their eerie and eye-popping song.

Save Your Tears - Lyrics

The Weeknd and Grande's collaborative song is a beautiful blend of a sultry melody and a bouncy beat. It's a very unique and captivating sound, which makes the song even more popular than it was when originally released.

Save Your Tears lyric meaning

The Weeknd’s new song “Save Your Tears” is about an ex-girlfriend who is devastated by the breakup. He asks her to save her tears because he doesn’t want her to cry over him anymore.


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