Same Drugs Meaning by Chance the Rapper

February 13, 2023

chance the rapper same drugs meaning

Chance the rapper has released a music video for one of his songs from his self-released Coloring Book mixtape. This video was directed by Jake Schreier, and it takes a nostalgic approach to the performance-based music video format.

The song is about how Chance and his friend Wendy started using drugs and then stopped. This made them grow apart from each other.

Throughout the song, Chance asks many questions about their relationship and how they were going to continue living life. He also mentions that they used to go on cool adventures and do different things together. He was confused when he saw her changing and not following the same path he was on.

He also says that he doesn’t do the same drugs anymore and he wants his friend to remember the good times they had when they were using them. He knows that she is sad when she remembers the bad times they had while they were using drugs but he wants her to stay happy.

Same Drugs meaning is an incredibly insightful song. It’s a deep cut song that has a lot of meaning behind it.

It’s the hardest song on his Coloring Book album and it was a real struggle for him to write. It’s actually quite melancholic, but it has a really nice message and it’s a beautiful song.

It’s a very good song to listen to when you are feeling down about the fact that you are growing apart from your friends. It can help you to get over your feelings and realize that everything will be alright in the end.


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