Saint Cecilia Quotes - Inspirational Quotes From the Life of Saint Cecilia

March 13, 2023

st cecilia quotes

A beautiful set of inspirational quotes from the life of Saint Cecilia to uplift and inspire you. These quote posters are printed on recycled card stock and feature modern, colourful fonts to make them the perfect gift for any occasion.

About the Product

Saint Cecilia was born into a rich family but wanted to remain a virgin until she died. Her parents betrothed her to a pagan named Valerian but she refused to deny her faith, so instead of being married to him, she became a Christian and devoted her life to serving God.

After her marriage, she and Valerian shared their faith with many people and helped them convert to Christianity. They also provided proper burials for Christians who were persecuted.

When Valerian and Tibertius were newly baptized, they both made it their mission to provide a good burial for all the martyrs they came across. The Roman prefect, Turcius Almachius, found out about their activity and they were arrested for it and sentenced to death.

She was able to convince her husband and brother-in-law to become Christians too, so the three of them became staunch witnesses to Christianity. They gave their wealth to the poor and buried those who were killed for their faith.

When she was arrested and brought before the prefect, he tried to convince her to renounce her Christian faith by debate. She responded with a firm faith in Christ and when he offered her the option of being suffocated or beheaded, she chose to die for Christ rather than renounce her faith.


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