Sabaton - Coat of Arms Album Review

March 8, 2023

Coat of Arms

The band is a huge fan of war and their history, and they're also a big fan of metal. Their war theme shows up in many of their songs, as well as on their albums.

These include "Coat of Arms" (Greco-Italian war) and "Midway" (Japan and US fighter pilots) and "Uprising" (Warsaw 1944) among others. This is their fourth war themed album, and it features a lot of different subjects, with several new songs.

Screaming Eagles

The title song of the album, 'Screaming Eagles' is about the Battle of Bastogne where the 101st Airborne Division held off the Germans' fury at full throttle, something France, Poland, and even the UK failed to do. It was a major part of Operation Market Garden, a crucial mission in WWII that involved the 101st and the British Army.

It's a fast and brutal song, with a really heavy drum beat that matches Joakim's vocals perfectly. The chorus is also a bit more serious and harder, which adds to the overall power of the song.

Screaming Eagles has the same problem as 'Metal Ripper' in that it sounds a lot like other Sabaton songs they've released before. The synthesizer riff in the title track for example sounds a lot like the guitar solo in 'Ghost Division', and the synthesizer solo in 'Uprising' is very similar to the one from 'The Art of War'!

The rest of the album doesn't have any great musical feats, but it's still a fine listen. This isn't Sabaton's best album, but it's an excellent album for the power metal fan.


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