RY X (Ry Cuming) - Berlin Lyrics Meaning

February 13, 2023

ry x berlin lyrics meaning

Sydney-based singer RY X (Ry Cuming) has taken a long journey to find his voice. Fuelled by his love of Pearl Jam and Jeff Buckley, he left Australia's pristine eastern coast to surf in Costa Rica, London, Stockholm and Berlin before finally finding his home in Los Angeles' warehouse district.

'Berlin' was his breakthrough single released on Swedish label Dumont Dumont in 2013 and subsequently on Infectious in the UK. A two-minute tearjerker twisted around wispy guitar and a cracked vocal, it would catapult him onto the international scene.

Blood Moon is RY X’s most transcendental and personal work to date. Across 13 awe-inspiring tracks, the Australian singer-songwriter assesses the intimate connections that have shaped his life to date, writing from a place of deep, honest, raw conversation.

It’s this approach that informs RY X’s new album Blood Moon, which sees him explore the ways in which we connect to nature, emotions and our bodies. The title is a nod to the ominous lunar cycle that marks a time of inward observation, not discarding our dark sides but learning about them.

In this way, the album is a metaphor for RY X’s life and his journey as a songwriter. He says: “It’s about the relationship that you have to yourself, the connection that you have with another person. It’s about the way you’re able to express your feelings and the things that you feel, and then the way you react to it.”


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