Ruth Langmore Quotes

February 13, 2023

ruth langmore quotes

If you’re a fan of the Netflix TV show Ozark, you’ll know that it has given audiences many memorable characters outside of the main family. One of the most popular ones is Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner).

She’s a fierce, ruthless character with a hidden heart of gold. She’s often conflicted with her own instincts and is constantly being tested.

Her loyalty to Marty Byrde and the Byrde family is evident throughout the series, especially after he gave her more responsibilities such as taking over the Missouri Belle casino. Despite this, her relationship with the Byrde family deteriorates when she learns that Wendy Byrde killed her father and is responsible for Ben Davis’ death.

Ruth’s anger towards the increasingly power-hungry Byrdes reached a peak in season four, when she was finally pushed to her breaking point. In one of the show’s most dramatic moments, she uttered “If you want to stop me, you’re going to have to FUCKING KILLL MEEE!”

This line was delivered in an incredibly sarcastic way. It was also the only time that Ruth ever used profanity in a scene on the show.

It’s not surprising that this scene was a big hit on social media, considering how powerful it was and how much it resonated with fans. It was also a great moment to see a fan-favourite character finally come into her own and become a ruthless hero.


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