Runs in the Family Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

Runs in the Family Lyrics Meaning

The newest breakout hit of Meghan Trainor's TikTok career is about a toxic relationship with a close person. The lyrics explain that this person is selfish, unable to understand her and she wants to take all steps in order to avoid this kind of contact with them. Moreover, the song is about the fact that this type of relation also involves family and that is why she needed to step away from this.

The New Jersey vocal folk trio The Roches made this album in 1979 and it is a really interesting piece of sophisti-pop from that era, with a very strong bass guitar and great lead vocals. But apart from the title track, it's not a very catchy record. It's an okay listen, but it would be easy to give up on it just for the lack of personality. The band was formed by three sisters - Maggie, Terre and Suzzy - and this is their debut album. Their music has been shaped by their family relationships and it shows, even in this very brief period of recording.


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