Run Like Hell Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

Run Like Hell Lyrics Meaning

The song "Run Like Hell" from Pink Floyd's The Wall is a harrowing track that is often played at football games and has been covered by other bands. The lyrics to the song are about a mob of neo-Nazis attacking a mixed race couple in their car.

It is one of the darkest tracks on The Wall, and Waters has been accused of being too harsh with his lyrics. However, the lyrics were later changed to include a message that was more upbeat than the original version of the song.

Musically, the song resembles a lot of Gilmour's earlier work, but is darker and more intense than other songs on The Wall. Moreover, the song has a distinctly darker tone than "Comfortably Numb" or "Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)".

The lyrics of the song are about a fascist dictator who turns his audience into a thugs mob. He sends the mob out to raid poor neighborhoods full of Jews and black people.

This sounds very reminiscent of Hitler's Nazi rallies. The mob is raised in unison, chanting "Hammer", and they have a uniform look that calls to mind the faceless automatons of the Hitler's regime.

A more radio friendly version of this track was released on the 7'' single "Run Like Hell/Don't Leave Me Now" and features a clean intro and outro without the crowd noises. It also contains the full, extended outro guitar refrain which repeats twice for 16 bars.


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