Rose Colored Boy Meaning by Paramore

March 4, 2023

rose colored boy meaning

Earlier this year, Paramore released the music video for Rose colored boy meaning from their album After Laughter. The song is about overcoming the stigma of depression and anxiety, and it’s one of the most heartbreaking songs on the band’s excellent LP.

The song also focuses on the negative impact that people can have on each other’s mental health, and the band’s performance of the song on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert was met with great enthusiasm. Two days after the show, the band posted a message to fans explaining that the song’s lyrics had been written as a call for people to be more open about their feelings and mental illness.

In the music video, Hayley Williams portrays the cheerful face of a fluffy 70’s-style morning news show. Her face flits between the happy and sad sides of her personality, just as the camera’s red light changes with her mood.

This is another example of the way that this song shows a contrast between Hayley’s earlier optimistic self and the pessimistic person she has become. She wants to take off her glasses and stop pretending to be happy, because she knows that it’s not really the way things are.

The song is a bit more of an indie rock tune than their other After Laughter tracks, and it’s got a good balance of guitars, drums, and vocals. It’s a great track to practice on and listen to.


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