Rosalie Bolin Where Is She Now?

November 18, 2023

Rosalie Bolin Where Is She Now?

Rosalie Bolin is the widow of convicted serial killer Oscar Ray Bolin. She stood by her husband till his last breath and is a true example of love and loyalty. She never accepted the verdict and always believed that her husband is innocent. She even went so far as to say that she loved him more than anything in the world. She did this out of sheer love for her husband and not because she was a fan of the crimes that he committed.

She met her husband when she was working for the public defender’s office in Hillsborough County and was assigned to his case. She was well-off, had four daughters, and a successful career but still felt that something was missing from her life. That ‘something’ ended up being her affection for a man who was accused of murdering three Tampa Bay area women.

The cases went unsolved until someone called an anonymous tip line in 1990, and investigators realized it was the new husband of Bolin’s ex-wife. She told authorities that her husband told her about the killings of Natalie Holley, Teri Lynn Matthews, and Stephanie Collins in 1986.

Police soon pinned Bolin to all three murders after he was caught and confessed to the crimes. Several other witnesses testified against him, including his younger half-brother who saw him beat Matthews to death and wrap her in a sheet. He was executed in 2016.


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