Roger Lee Quotes - When Life Gets Tough, Be Brave

March 4, 2023

roger lee quotes

Roger Lee quotes - When Life Gets Tough, Be Brave.

Roger Lee is an entrepreneur who has invested in great entrepreneurs building innovative companies across the software and consumer landscape. He is a YPO member and CFF (Certified Forum Facilitator).

As a motivational speaker, he shares his motivational and inspirational quotes which have helped millions of people worldwide with their daily struggles. He is an author of the book “When Life Gets Tough, Be Brave” which is available on Amazon and can be printed for free.

Architect, designer and teacher by training, Roger Yuen Lee began his career in San Francisco in 1941 with a firm specializing in the design of post-war residences. Throughout his career, he was renowned for his grace and clarity of design. His work was often influenced by the Bay Region style of architecture. He designed a number of residences and apartments, housing projects, recreational facilities and churches.

Lee’s residential designs were noted for their beauty and durability, as well as a sense of space and natural light. He was honored with many awards and distinctions, including a Lifetime Achievement Award in the field of architecture from the California Society of Architects. He was also a founding member of the American Institute of Architects.

He moved his practice to Hawaii in 1964 and continued designing modern homes. His Moduflex houses, based on standardized parts to keep construction costs down, were popular in the mid-1960s.

Ah Tao’s sudden death awakens Roger to his more sensitive side, a side that was normally belied by his stoic veneer. As she struggles with her declining health, Roger’s caring embrace of his mother brings a new perspective to their mutually intimate relationship. Ultimately, she and Roger find comfort in the simplicity of their renegotiated routine.


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