Rockmond Dunbar Net Worth

May 17, 2023

Rockmond Dunbar is an American actor who has a net worth of $2 million. He made his debut in 1993 with the independent film Misery Loves Company and later starred as Baines on the television series Earth 2. He has also done guest appearances on many different TV shows including Pacific Blue, Two Guys and a Girl and North Shore. His other film projects include Punks, All About You, Sick Puppies, Whodunit, and Dirty Laundry. He has even contributed to the art world through the mixed media show titled ARTHERAPY. He also posed for the November 2003 issue of Playgirl magazine.

Dunbar has also done voice work on video games such as the Prison Break: The Conspiracy game and he has been a regular cast member of the FX crime drama Sons of Anarchy. He has also appeared on other well-known shows such as The Mentalist, CSI and 9-1-1.

He has been married twice and he currently lives with his girlfriend Maya Gilbert, who is also an actress and writer. The couple has a daughter named Berkeley Seon and a son named Czar Rockmond Dunbar. He was previously married to Ivy Holmes from 2003 to 2006 and they have one child together.

He has a lot of controversies surrounding his personal life and it is unclear how much money he makes from his acting. He has also sued the production company of 9-1-1 for discrimination against him due to his sexual preference as he plays the character of Michael Grant on the show.


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