River of Dreams Lyrics Meaning

February 13, 2023

river of dreams lyrics meaning

River of dreams lyrics meaning

The song is about a person who wants to follow their dreams and pursue them. It is also about the fact that it is not easy to do this, because there are so many obstacles in front of you. The only way to get through it is to just keep pushing forward until the river runs dry.

A lot of people will find this song to be very poetic and interesting. This is because it is a metaphor for how you should live your life.

This song is about a person who has been through a lot and wants to find their way out of it. They start out in the mountains and then go through the valley of fear. After that they go through the jungle of doubt and finally end up in the ocean.

When this song was written, Billy Joel had been battling with his manager Frank Weber who embezzled millions from him. This led him to question whether he should continue his career or stop.

He then tries to figure out what it means to have a spiritual life. He starts to ask questions about whether there is an afterlife and what he should do with his life.

He also tries to figure out what it means to be happy. He thinks about all the things he has done in his life and all the people that he has loved. He believes that if he does it right, then he will be happy.


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