Rita Moreno Quotes - A Latina Legend in the Movies

March 4, 2023

rita moreno quotes

A Latina Legend in the Movies

Rita Moreno was born in Puerto Rico and has a long and successful career in the movies. She earned an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award for her acting and is a role model to young Latinas and women in the arts. She has also received a Presidential Medal of Freedom and has been a voice for Hispanic issues.

Her life was full of ups and downs, but she did not let those things stop her. She overcame her hardships by following her dream and pursuing what she loved doing.

She is an inspiration to many people around the world and is a strong advocate for Hispanic causes. She also spoke out against racism and sexual abuse in the film industry, which she suffered from during her career.

Moreno’s journey began when she immigrated to the United States with her mother from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Her family settled in the upper west side of Manhattan. She started to work as a dancer and eventually found her way to the acting industry.

During her career she has been exposed to several traumatic events that would have made any other person give up on their dreams. Nevertheless, she kept her passion for acting and dancing.

Her 87 year old career is still going on with her latest roles as Lydia in Netflix’s One Day at a Time and she will be starring in Steven Spielberg’s 2020 film adaptation of West Side Story. She is also a very active community member and she regularly speaks out about the importance of the arts.


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