Rihanna Work Lyrics Meaning

March 7, 2023

rihanna work lyrics meaning

Rihanna dropped a new song Wednesday morning called “Work” featuring Drake, and fans are loving it. The club-ready track is set to appear on her upcoming album Anti, but it’s already getting major attention for being one of the most timeless songs she’s ever released.

Lyrics Meaning

When you listen to the lyrics of Rihanna’s newest single, you immediately notice a tinge of Caribbean influence. This is because the track is written in Jamaican patois, with many of the writers and producers hailing from Barbados.

The lyrics to the song revolve around a relationship that is lacking depth and connection. The singer is feeling like her love interest is only interested in intimate adventures and he’s failing to reciprocate her love. She wants a deeper connection with him, but it’s hard to find someone who truly understands her and the sacrifices she makes.

She’s trying to show him that she’s dedicated to her goals and isn’t going to give up, even when it seems impossible. She also reminds him of all the love she’s given and how much he means to her.

While a lot of people are confused by the song’s lyrics, it’s still an important message. In a time when immigrants are threatened by the political scene, Rihanna is showing her support by singing about their hard work and commitment to their homeland. The singer is also using her music to promote the rights of those who have been displaced by the war in Syria.


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