Rihanna Name Meaning

March 7, 2023

rihanna name meaning

Rihanna is a singer, actress and fashion designer. She has a string of hits and is known for her style and bold personality.

She started her career as a pop singer and is now an international fashion icon. She also runs her own beauty brand, Fenty Beauty.

According to the numerology of rihanna name, the number 2 plays a supportive role in the life of people with this name. It is said that the number two is associated with cooperation, diplomacy and friendly.

The name Rihanna is derived from the name Rhianna which is a variant of the Welsh female name Rhiannon meaning “great queen or goddess”. It’s a powerful, feminine name that empowers even its most humble bearer.

It is also a name with a lot of history behind it. It was a name often used in ancient Wales and is believed to be a derivation of the ancient Celtic goddess Rhiannon, who was famous for her equestrian prowess.

Persons with name Rihanna are likely to be very optimistic and jovial in nature. They are characterized by their positive attitude, which boosts their success and helps them to make an impact in the world.

They are practical and logical in their approach to life, but they also have an impulsive side that can cause them to act without thinking. They are also flexible and adaptable to new circumstances.

People with the name Rihanna are likely to be very sensitive, but they also have a strong sense of self-control and will power. They are also very loyal and caring, which means they always want to take care of their loved ones.


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