Rihanna Lyrics Meaning Revealed

March 7, 2023

work rihanna lyrics meaning

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Rihanna's new song, "Work" featuring Drake is the latest club hit to make its way into pop culture. The track is set to appear on her upcoming album Anti, and it's already making its mark with millions of fans.

The lyrics are catchy, emotional and relatable — so it's no surprise that "Work" has reached millions of ears within hours of its release. And, as expected, questions about the song's meaning have been coming up ever since.

Work is an R&B/dancehall song by Barbadian singer Rihanna and Canadian rapper Drake that was released on 27 January 2016. The song is ranked number four on her album, Anti, with production done by Boi-1da and 40.

In the song, Rihanna reveals her frustration in her relationship with a man who is distant and unsupportive. She reminds him of her efforts and sacrifices, but he doesn't reciprocate the love she puts into their relationship.

According to Billboard, "Work" is in Jamaican patois and was written by several writers and producers from Jamaica who are also Jamaican-Canadian. It has been described as a "classic island song" that reflects Rihanna's Caribbean roots and culture.

In the lyrics, Rihanna explains that she is dedicated to her goals and doesn't give up on them even if she faces difficulty along the way. She is willing to sacrifice her peace of mind to achieve her goal. The song is a great reminder to not give up and work hard to accomplish your dreams, no matter what it takes.


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