Rex Orange County - Pluto Projector Lyrics Review

February 13, 2023

rex orange county pluto projector lyrics review and song meaning

UK indie pop singer-songwriter Rex Orange County, aka Alexander O’Connor, is back with a new single from his forthcoming album Pony. The track is called ‘Pluto Projector’ and comes after ‘10/10’, which he performed on Jimmy Fallon last week.

Rex Orange County has released a heartfelt song entitled Pluto Projector, the second single from his upcoming third studio album Pony. The track is full of emotion and features a beautiful instrumental to help you get the message behind it.

The song starts with Rex wishing his life with the love of his life would last forever. He wishes that they would always be together and be happy together, but the lyrics also show that he is still not ready to grow up yet.

He then states that he has a “seventy-mill projector” and he is able to show her everything around him, which is a metaphor for his feelings towards the woman who is in his life. This is a great way to express that he loves her and wants her to know all about him, even the parts of him that are uncomfortable for him.

Lastly, the outro of the song states that a partner should support each other in their relationships and share their secrets with them. This will help them understand each other better and allow them to be the best versions of themselves.

Rex Orange County has been making music since he was 15 years old, and he has recently released a new song titled Pluto Projector. This song is a reflection on the idea of growing older and trying to understand the complexities of life.


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