Regina Turner - Where is She Now?

September 7, 2023

The former Miss Connecticut has a lot more on her plate than evening gowns and tiaras. According to reports, the beauty queen is now selling sex in exchange for money. The allegations surfaced after her Manhattan spinal surgeon husband reportedly discovered her double life in court papers. In the documents filed to the Manhattan Supreme Court, Dr Han Jo Kim alleged that his wife Regina Turner moonlighted as a high-priced call girl and made $700,000 in cash. Kim reportedly first became aware of his wife’s double life in 2020 after he stumbled upon an explicit iMessage from one of her clients.

In addition to iMessages, Kim also alleges that Turner used to deceive him by pretending she was going out with her girlfriends or traveling for work. He claimed in the court documents that she even lied to him about her education, saying she studied science at University of Connecticut for three years before taking a break to compete in the Miss USA pageant.

Despite the tawdry accusations, Kim and his wife Regina Turner managed to settle their divorce before a public hearing was scheduled on Monday (July 26). The Manhattan spine surgeon works at Hospital for Special Surgery and has treated some of the most severe cases of scoliosis in both children and adults.

Currently, Regina Turner does not have an Instagram account or a website for her modeling career. However, she does have a Pinterest profile showing her travels and lifestyle. She lives in New York City in a $6.5 million apartment and has a multi-million dollar home in Long Island.


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