Quotes About North Carolina by the Best of the State's Poetry

March 4, 2023

quotes about north carolina

The state of North Carolina has long captivated the imagination with its rich cultural heritage, beautiful scenery and great food. We are proud to feature quotes about this incredible place by the best of the state's literary crop.

The best of the state's poetry

There is no question that North Carolina poets have been prolific in their pursuit of excellence for centuries, but the past few decades have seen a veritable explosion in their output. This is particularly true of the creative verse genre, a thriving sub-genre of American poetry that has risen to prominence in its own right.

A dazzling array of poems preserves in precise and imaginative language many of the critical perceptions, dreams, experiences, and concerns of North Carolinians during this exceptional century.

Word and Witness features 252 poems spanning the work of 137 poets whose writings have been an invaluable part of the state's illustrious literary history. The selections range from the difficult to the easy, the disturbing to the satisfying.

In the end, no one poem can be considered the single best example of all time; each writer has his or her own special way of saying things, and every poem is unique in its own way. As the premier literary collection of North Carolina, this anthology is a worthy gift to the state that showcases and celebrates the breadth and depth of its outstanding literary legacy.

The North Carolina Bards Poetry Anthology is a collection of the finest and most exemplary poetry written by the best of the state's literary talent. For the best chance of seeing your work published in this anthology, send us an email with a short bio and two or three of your poems attached as rtf, doc or pdf.


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