Put the Lime in the Coconut Lyrics Meaning

November 14, 2023

Coconut is a fun song from the early 1970s that many people enjoy singing. It has a great beat to it and is a nice mix of wit and music. The lyrics to this song are quite simple, but the message behind it is a bit more complex. Many people try to break down the meaning and hidden messages behind this popular hit, but there is really not much too it. The main message of the song is that you should drink lime and coconut to help get rid of a belly ache.

The song was written and performed by Harry Nilsson. He penned this song while on vacation in Hawaii. Nilsson jotted the word “coconut” on a matchbook and came up with a story from there. He sang the song in three different voices, acting out the role of a woman, her brother, and her doctor. An arpeggiated C7 chord accompanies the song throughout. The song was a huge success, and it has since been covered by countless artists. Dannii Minogue released a version in 1998, which was a huge hit.

The first verse of the song tells the story of a girl who drinks lime and coconut to cure her belly ache. She calls the doctor, who is annoyed at being woken up so late in the night. He tells her to drink the mixture again and call him in the morning. The doctor then explains that drinking lime and coconut is a Jamaican home remedy to cure belly aches.


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