Project Runway Junior Winner Maya Ramirez - Where is She Now?

September 7, 2023

Presented by Tim Gunn and Hannah Jeter, Lifetime’s ‘Project Runway: Junior’ is a spin-off that gives participants the opportunity to showcase their talent in an area they’ve been interested in since they were young. The inaugural season of the show debuted back in 2015 and left viewers with plenty of fantastic memories. However, what’s happening with some of the contestants these days?

The winner of the first season was 14-year-old Maya Ramirez from Toledo, Ohio. She beat out runner-up Samantha “Sami” Johnson, 16, from South Ozone Park, NY, and Peytie Gomez, 17, from Maumee, OH to win the title. As a prize for her victory, she received a scholarship to FIDM in California, a complete home sewing and crafting studio, a feature in Seventeen magazine, and a $25,000 cash prize.

Maya’s designs often incorporate feminine silhouettes and a variety of fabrics. The teen designer credits YouTube videos for teaching her how to sew. She also has a strong interest in combining different textures and letting them play off each other. Her final collection on the show, which she titled “Female Warrior in a Field of Flowers,” was inspired by nature and warriors.

Sami’s stint on the show was short-lived, but she hasn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dream of becoming a fashion designer. She’s currently working for SER.O.YA, a New York-based design company that works with various celebrities and musicians, as an associate designer. She’s a very hard worker, according to her co-workers.


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