Pretty Lady Rebelution Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

pretty lady rebelution lyrics meaning

Pretty lady rebelution lyrics meaning

A decade and a half into their stirring career, California reggae outfit Rebelution is still going strong. Their fifth album, Falling Into Place, finds the band more energized than ever.

The record features 11 bouncy new songs and a hefty dose of socially pertinent commentary. Standouts include Know It All, which tackles the reprehensible violence that erupts in an increasingly polarized world and the intense earworm Inhale Exhale, sung by Jamaican deejay and one time tour-mate Protoje.

It also includes the record’s most dazzling visual, as well as Rebelution’s most impressive production and recording efforts to date. Lead singer Eric Rachmany and guitarists Rory Carey and Wesley Finley took inspiration from the plethora of reggae artists who are constantly redefining the genre.

There are many facets to Rebelution’s music, but the most memorable is their message that reverberates across all of the band’s recordings. It’s this message that has served them so well since their inception.

They don’t just play and sing, they live it, too. In a recent interview with The Pier, lead singer and guitarist Eric Rachmany discussed the band’s latest release, the Peace of Mind triple album; his favorite track from the record; the brotherhood he’s enjoyed over the years; and some fun videos he’s releasing to keep fans engaged on the road and at home.

The best part is that you can get a taste of this impressive feat at their upcoming show at the St. Augustine Amphitheater in Florida.


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