Poor Poor Pitiful Me Lyrics

January 22, 2024

Poor Poor Pitiful Me is a song written and recorded by Warren Zevon. It was released on his 1976 eponymous album and is an early example of his wry, dark storytelling. It is a story about the narrator’s unfortunate romantic missteps, which are often self-inflicted. It is a satirical piece that delves into themes of heartbreak and resilience. The lyrics of the song are witty and clever, and it has become an enduring hit.

The narrator of the song is a woman who has experienced a series of unfortunate encounters in her life. She relates how these experiences have left her feeling pitiful and helpless. The song has been interpreted in different ways, but its main message is that people can overcome their hardships and find happiness.

Zevon’s lyrical style in this song is sardonic and often dark, and it is rumored that he was making friendly fun of his producer Jackson Browne’s own writing with songs like “Here Come Those Tears Again” and “Sleep’s Dark and Silent Gate.” Linda Ronstadt covered the song for her 1978 album Simple Dreams. She reversed the gender of the narrator and dropped a verse referring to sex terrorism, but otherwise stayed true to the original song.

Terri Clark also recorded a version of the song for her 1996 album, Just the Same. Her version reached number one on the Canadian country charts and made it to the top five in the U.S. Clark’s rendition of the song was more upbeat than Zevon’s, but she captured the spirit of the song.


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