Poets of the Fall - Daze Lyrics Meaning

February 13, 2023

poets of the fall daze lyrics meaning

When you listen to the new album by Finnish rock band Poets of the Fall, you are greeted with soft melodies and fun pop rock promoting growth through love. The band is led by lead vocalist Marko Saaresto and the lyrics are heartfelt and poetic in nature.

The video for the band's lead single "Daze" features a Venetian Jester King presiding moodily over a decadent Masquerade Ball until a female attendee elects to ghost on him. Hamartia's cap takes on an Orcus on His Throne look with bells hanging from his hair.

In-Universe Mad Dreamer: Mentally ill jail inmate and Mad Dreamer Mark frequently retreats to a mental house filled with framed and flapping moths during his psych screenings. This translates into a Happy Place full of illusory band mates in the song.

Hallucinations: A mismatch in the lyrics and the video for the song. The lyrics depict someone struggling to articulate both enthusiasm for and anxieties about their romantic relationship, but the video portrays a Mood-Swinger Mad Dreamer who has Hallucinations of moths during his psych screening.

Black Feathers: In the video for the song, a paper-filled Room Full of Crazy in the Mind inhabited by a agitated "madman" Ghost in the Machine represents the rampant creativity that the singer embraces. The black feathers of this "madman" bleed into reality.

Flight: The Mood-Swinger Mad Dreamer also frequently flights to absurd heights during his psych screenings. This imagery characterizes the "leap of faith" necessary to harness and refine the rampant creative impulse in his head.


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