Pitbull – Rain Over Me (Featuring Marc Anthony) Song Review

June 15, 2021

pitbull rain over me

This is my review of the song Rain Over Me by Pitbull. Read more about the song below.

Marc Anthony starts off this song with a strong voice. The instant I hear it, I want to keep listening. Once I do I hear the beat come in and then Pitbull. Now, not everyone is a massive Pitbull fan, but this is one of those songs where I really love him. The chorus of this song sounds very Hispanic and urban to me. I want to sing and dance every time I hear it.

The verses feature Pitbull rapping as per usual. This rap is above average when you compare it to his many other songs. I think this rap is at the level of other rap songs.

The song was produced by RedOne, who also did Lady Gaga's first album. The production is amazing and has no flaws. It is easy to listen to regardless of which genres of music you like. One goal of the song was to get Pitbull out of his usual robotic sound. This song instead gives him more of a Spanish and laidback vibe. The song went to #30 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 2011.

Thank you for reading about Pitbull Rain Over Me. Furthermore, watch the music video on YouTube below. What do you think of this song? Finally, please leave your own thoughts and comments below. Lastly, read more reviews like this one on my front page.


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