Pipe Down Lyrics - Drake Means What He Says on "Certified Lover Boy"

March 8, 2023

pipe down lyrics drake meaning

Pipe Down Lyrics

Drake has a tendency to go after people who use him, and the lyrics on his latest album Certified Lover Boy are no exception. He takes aim at Kanye West in "Fair Trade," and while that's pretty commonplace for the rapper, it's also not surprising.

There's no question that Drake and Kanye West are still at war, despite their acrimonious breakup in 2010. Their feud has only worsened since the release of Ye's album, and it seems like his new album will do nothing to stop it.

One track that has been getting a lot of attention is "7 AM on Bridle Path," which seems to be a pretty clear callout to West's alleged leak of his street address. This is a great way for Drake to take a jab at his rival without mentioning the two men directly.

This song is a fun little jam with some good drums and a catchy beat. It's a great track for dancing or just getting groovy in the morning before work.

Another good Drake track is "Drive Slow," which sounds a lot like an old-school CB radio jam. It's a fun tune to put on in your car or at a party because it's a fast-paced tune with some heavy bass.

There are a few songs on this album that aren't really on the top of people's playlists, but they all deserve a listen. Some are just good songs to listen to when you want to get into the groove, while others have some pretty deep meanings.


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