Peter Ford Net Worth

March 13, 2023

About Peter Ford Net Worth

The Amazon founder has been in the news recently as he surpassed $200 billion in Forbes's annual ranking of the world's most rich people. He is estimated to be worth around $204.6 billion, and his stock price has increased over 45% in the last year alone.

Glenn Ford - A Life

The son of Glenn Ford, the movie legend who made Gilda (1946) one of the most popular films of all time and starred in many other classics, has written a book about his father that will appeal to fans of the late star's movies. "Glenn Ford: A Life" is filled with interviews, snippets from his family's collection of diaries, letters, audiotapes, and rare candid photos.

Ford, who was married to Eleanor Powell, was one of Hollywood's biggest box office stars in the 1940s. But he was also a notorious drinker, gold-digger, and philanderer who had several long-term affairs with women.

In the end, Ford's drinking problem nearly killed him. But he still managed to star in more than 100 movies and become an international celebrity.

He is also a successful homebuilder, owning an extensive real estate portfolio in Los Angeles and Wyoming. He bought his first home in 1972 and remodeled it himself.

He is currently a businessman and an avid traveler who has been married to his wife Lynda for over 43 years. They live in their Burbank, California, home and spend most of their time traveling around the country with their two daughters.


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