Paul LaCamera Net Worth and Age

September 7, 2023

Paul LaCamera Net Worth is approximately $ 1.5 Million Paul LaCamera Age is 58 years old. Paul Lacamera is a US Army officer who commands the 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson. He is also the Director of Operations, Joint Special Operations command. He is a native of Westwood, Massachusetts. He has earned many awards and accolades throughout his career, including the College of the Holy Cross Sanctae Crucis Alumnus award and honorary doctorate degrees from Boston University and Emmanuel College.

He has commanded at every level, from the company to the division, and has extensive experience in Washington, having served on the Joint Staff and as the Army’s G-1 for personnel. He is a Ranger and has led forces in Special Operations.

In his new role, LaCamera will focus on increasing the readiness of US forces in South Korea. He will also work to enhance US-Korean partnerships. He took over command of USARPAC on November 18, 2019, during a ceremony at Camp Humphreys, the headquarters of USFK in Pyeongtaek.

LaCamera has a reputation for taking a tough stance on issues of national security. He believes that it’s not a matter of if, but when, North Korea will detonate another nuclear device, and that the United States must be prepared to respond accordingly. He has previously defended the use of force as an appropriate response to the threat posed by North Korea’s growing nuclear capabilities. LaCamera has a bachelor’s degree from the College of the Holy Cross and three master’s degrees from Emmanuel College, Boston University and the Harvard Business School.


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