Patrick Chung Net Worth - How Much Is Patrick Chung Worth?

November 28, 2023

Patrick Chung is a professional football player who has been playing in the National Football League for more than ten years now. He has earned a huge amount of money from his career and he is also involved in some philanthropic projects as well. He has a strong work ethic and is a dedicated family man. He has been able to achieve great success through his hard work and dedication in the sports industry.

He was born in Kingston, Jamaica on 19th August 1987. He is a safety who was drafted in the second round of the 2009 NFL Draft. He played college football at Oregon. He was a first-team All-Pac-10 in 2011 and 2014. He has also won two AFC Championships with the New England Patriots. He has a total of 51 combined tackles during his college football career.

After his college football career, he was signed by the New England Patriots on 27th July 2009. He made his debut in his first match against Buffalo Bills and recorded one tackle. He has been a part of the team ever since and has helped them win many matches.

On 12th March 2013, he was signed by Philadelphia Eagles for a fee of $10 Million for three years. He has been a solid safety for the team and has managed to secure the starting position.

In the off-field life, he is married to Cecilia Champion. The couple has two children together. He is a very private person and doesn’t disclose any information about his personal life to the media. He is a very humble and down-to-earth individual, which has endeared him to the fans. He is also a very giving individual and is involved in a number of philanthropic efforts.


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