Pam Grier Net Worth

March 16, 2023

pam grier net worth

Pam Grier Net Worth

The American actress, singer and television personality Pam Grier has a net worth of US$ 10 million. She possesses this fortune from her acting career and other personal affairs.

She has appeared in several movies and TV shows. Her highest-profile movie is Jackie Brown, which was released in 1997. It earned her nominations for the Golden Globe and NAACP Image Awards.

Her other popular films include Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, The Big Doll House and The Big Bird Cage. Her acting skills have helped her become famous in the film industry and this is the biggest part of her net worth.

Pam Grier was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and is the daughter of Gwendolyn Sylvia (a nurse) and Clarence Ransom Grier, Jr. She grew up in military bases around Europe before she moved to Denver, Colorado where she attended East High School and later Metropolitan State College.

After graduating, she was unable to find a job in the medical field and decided to pursue a career in acting instead. She joined AIP in Los Angeles and worked as a switchboard operator before she made her first film in the 1970s.

Her acting in these films gained her popularity and she quickly became a prominent actress in the film industry. She was a staple in blaxploitation movies during the 1970s, where she played bold, no-nonsense women.

She has already starred in over 100 credited acting roles in movies and TV series. She has also published a memoir Foxy: My Life in Three Acts in 2010. It unfolds numerous untold chapters of her life including her childhood experiences, family, personal relationships, battle with cancer and much more.


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