Oye Como Va Lyrics Meaning

November 17, 2023

When you hear the words oye como va, it means "listen to how it goes, my rhythm" or "it's good to have fun, mulata." The song is timeless and continues to be covered by many different artists. The latin rhythm is catchy and infectious, and it transcends culture and language barriers.

Tito Puente composed the song in 1963 and it was later popularized by Santana's 1970 album Abraxas. Although he changed the horns and added electric guitar, Santana's version of the song still has a classic cha-cha-cha rhythm. Its melody is similar to the 1957 mambo Chanchullo written by Israel Cachao Lopez.

The lyrics of the song are a call to listen to music and have fun, regardless of one's background or cultural heritage. This message of unity and diversity is what makes this a truly timeless classic. The latin rhythms of the song are also what makes it so appealing to music lovers of all genres.

The song is a staple at jazz and dance performances around the world and it is a part of America's rich musical history. The iconic track is also heard on the soundtracks of movies and television shows and is often featured in commercials. In addition, it has been covered by countless musicians including 2 Live Crew, Carlos Santana, and Pitbull. Oye como va is a timeless song that is loved by millions of people all over the world and will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.


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