OVO Meaning - Drake's Label

March 7, 2023

ovo meaning drake

OVO Meaning

OVO is the name of the Canadian rapper Drake's label, founded in 2012. The name hints at October's Very Own (which happens to be the month that Drizzy was born).

It's not an easy feat to build a brand around one person, especially when it comes to music. But Drizzy and his team have managed to do it with a little bit of savvy.

The OVO logo has become a staple on tees, sweatshirts, and other apparel since the brand's inception. It is a minimalistic owl outline that's drawn using golden or black color for the outline, and white for the filling.

In addition to its logo, OVO has also adopted its owl image onto other items, such as bags and clothing. This is a subtle way to connect with the culture it represents, and has led to some memorable collabs like a Takashi Murukami collection.

Another example is the merch that was dropped to commemorate OVO Fest in 2011. These tour jackets, made with collaborator Roots, had a unique aesthetic and were sold exclusively at Nepenthes stores, where kids camped out for the chance to cop.

Aside from branded tour gear, OVO's summer collections are always full of surprises. In 2015, for example, a pink varsity jacket was released just days after the release of the single "Hotline Bling." This shows the flexibility the label has and is a testament to how well they've mastered the art of improvising.


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