Open the Eyes of My Heart Meaning

March 13, 2023

One of the most recognizable worship songs, open the eyes of my heart is a worthy contender for the best hymn of all time. It is sung by the multi-talented Chris Duffrey and his equally gifted wife, Amy. The song is a modern day take on a traditional hymn, with an emphasis on God’s love and grace. It is a hit at every event they attend, from local churches to national conferences. In short, the music and message are winning the hearts of a generation.

What does this song mean to you?

A brief survey of the church halls, chapels and living rooms in and around the Triangle area revealed a significant number of curious listeners. The majority of these visitors were a little more than curious as to what the song was all about, but were certainly impressed by its musical heft.

A little digging revealed that the song had a small but mighty production team behind it and an incredibly well thought out marketing strategy. From the slickest marketing materials to the most impressive concert promotions, this was a company that put its best foot forward. From the top down, this was a company that strove to be the best in its category by fostering a culture of excellence with a commitment to bringing God’s love to the masses via high quality music and service.


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