Of Moons Birds and Monsters Lyrics Meaning

February 13, 2023

of moons birds and monsters lyrics meaning

Of Moons Birds and Monsters Lyrics Meaning

The cryptic lyrics of this song from MGMT are full of metaphors and allusions. They're loaded with references to the sky, the moon, and a monster that represents explanation, but also symbolizes wonder.

It's a beautiful song that explores the idea that a relationship can be more than just physical, but is also shaped by the emotional and societal forces around it. While the narrator vacillates between feelings of excitement and sadness, she knows that love is worth fighting for, no matter what.

Whether you're a young person in the midst of a first sexual experience or an adult navigating your past relationships, this song will inspire you to be more open and honest about your emotions. The haunting harmonies and soaring melodies of the song will have you swaying to its beats from start to finish.

Of Moons, Birds and Monsters By MGMT

During their 2007 album Oracular Spectacular, MGMT released this trippy track that explores a variety of themes, including death, darkness, and isolation. The song's lyrics are often eerie and cryptic, but their distorted guitar strums and piercing vocals make this song one of their most captivating.

It's Easy to Survive With a Monster

The lyric "it's easy to survive with a monster" refers to the idea that when life is hard, sometimes you have to turn to monsters for support. However, this is not always the case and sometimes you can find a way to survive without them.


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