ODESZA Meaning

March 4, 2023

odesza meaning

ODESZA Meaning

Originally conceived as Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches, the electronic duo of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight (now known as Odesza) formed in Bellingham, Washington, in 2012 shortly after Mills graduated from Western Washington University. They soon began to make waves in the EDM world with a more sophisticated sound than many of their contemporaries.

They drew inspiration from their parents’ recollections of their childhood and other past milestones to create a sound that has resonated with many people worldwide. In their new album, The Last Goodbye, they continue to explore the idea of a return to a more intimate time and place, one that blends hypnotherapy sessions, their parents’ voices and other cinematic references into an emotional experience that reaches deep into the hearts and souls of its listeners.

On 'This Version Of You,' Julianna Barwick offers a resonant voice to help the listener find their own calming place in the song as it builds. The soft and gentle vocals provide the perfect backdrop for ODESZA's pulsing synths to weave together as the track evolves into an emotional journey.

Then, 'Wide Awake,' featuring Charlie Houston, brings the listener into a hypnotic state with a pristine and captivating performance that feels completely authentic to the rest of ODESZA's oeuvre. The Canadian singer's soaring voice is filtered, repitched and cut loose in ways that perfectly complement the sonic world of ODESZA's newest release.

Odesza's latest album is an incredibly beautiful and cinematic piece that showcases their best work to date. The pulsing basslines, lush melodies and incredible production are all present throughout the entire album to make this a truly memorable experience that should be enjoyed in its entirety, start to finish.


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